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Frequently Asked Questions

I decided to collate the most common questions that I get asked about Karatbars. Below are the answers to those questions. if you still have further questions, please use the support/ Help Desk (Bottom Right Head Phone Icon) and I will come back to you asap.

new to Karabars and have questions

Why Buy Gold from Karatbars?

Firstly, this is a great question! Generally, those typically contemplating or already purchasing gold, you are doing a great thing as it’s apparent you are committed to preserving and growing your wealth.

Karatbars primarily supplies gold bars in various sizes, starting from 1g all the way to 5g bars. There is also the facility of buying Cash Gold, which is broken down into even further unique weights of 0.1g, 0.2g, 0.4g, 0.6g, 1g, 3g and 6g denominations.  This makes the gold highly fungible and very easy to trade with as there are lots of choice.

It’s also interesting, that when the government of various countries, decided to confiscate the people’s gold, they confiscated gold coins. Majority of gold coins (either numismatic or bullion coins) are tied to a country (government issued, not privately issued) and so this makes a great argument for owning bars of private gold (as the Gold that karatbars uses are produced from private LBMA mines around the world.

Obviously it is wise not to allow past events to dictate future results and the use of the Karatbars International Digital Gold Environment would certainly circumvent any regulatory challenges that could ever occur.

Karatbars Gold is 999.9 pure gold and comes with excellent security features to confirm authentication.

Karatbars also guarantee to buy back gold they have issues in the past, giving peace of mind to the owner.

The Gold is free to have stored by karatbars on your behalf or one can opt to have the gold delivered to you securely

A lot of bullion sellers, struggle to offer the like for like comparisons at a comparative price or quantity

For further information on how to purchase Gold from karatbars, please register your interest by clicking the button below and following the instructions.

If I Set Up A Savings Plan with Karatbars, How Much Interest Do I Get Each Year?

Setting up a savings plan with Karatbars is NOT an investment or interest bearing type savings platform.  The basis of saving with karatbars is to exchange your fiat currency that you currently use everyday, in exchange for the purchase of 999.9 purity gold easily and securely.

Technically, gold is not an investment, it is real money and it’s value is effectively timeless and resistant to inflation, deflation, hyperinflation and any other crisis that monetary policy can contrive.

So, just to be clear, by ‘saving’ you are NOT investing, you are protecting your current and future wealth by utilizing real gold that you can touch, feel and see with the confidence that you can trade with it if required anywhere around the world.

Gold never ever changes, the gold today will be the same in one hundred years. However, fiat currency (your pounds sterling, US Dollars etc) change every day and with factors such as the constant printing of fiat currency and nothing of value to back the currency (except the people’s confidence in the currency itself i.e. the confidence in the government) that is what causes the market trading value of the fiat currency to fluctuate every minute of everyday.

When the world lose confidence in their own currency, they seek something of stability and reassurance  that will keep their wealth safe. If gold never changes and remains the same over time, it’s easy to see why it makes sense to exchange those fiat currencies into real money, and to do so whilst it’s still easily affordable.

So remember, buying gold is NOT to be interpreted as an investment but a hedge of protection for wealth transfer and wealth preservation

I Have Never Heard of Karatbars Before?

Karatbars International are an established company based in Stutgart, Germany and founded by Dr Harald Seiz in 2011. Karatbars currently ship gold to customers in 140 countries worldwide.


Today, Karatbars International are market leaders in the segment of old Cards between one and five grams.

The company’s principle activities are the production, safekeeping and marketing of physical gold in the smallest units, more importantly they are offering companies and their customers teh chance to exchange gold for goods and services which includes use of their product known as K-exchange and more recently with the k-merchant launch

For more information regarding Karatbars products, please check out the store

What is The Difference Between KCB and KBC Coins? 

KCB and KBC are both Crypto currency tokens introduced by Gold Standard Bank which is made up of the Karatbars group of companies including Karatbars International.. Both Coins (Tokens) are backed by Gold bullion and in the near future one will be able to exhange the KBC and/ or the KCB coin for physical gold .

KCB is the Karat Gold Bank Coin and KBC is the Karat Gold Coin.

The KCB Coin is currently in ICO stage at the time of writing.

Both coins (tokens) represent the power and future capabilities of the Blockchain technology to utilize all the benefits of Bitcoin but with the ability to be backed by physical, tangible gold.

What is An ICO?

ICO stands for Initial Coin Offerring. It’s equivalent to when a company decides to float on the stock market and they have an Initial Product Offering. Effectively it’s the chance to participate in the purchase of Tokens at it’s lowest available price, almost like a crowd funding event but for Crptyo-currency.

There are some rules and best practice around ICO’s and it is very important ones does their research and are familiar with signs of a bad ICO and what looks like a positive ICO.

ICO’s are not regulated unlike IPO’s so it’s even more important to educate oneself before embarking into the journey of buying new Crypto Currency/ tokens

I Don’t Understand Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a digital currency which was established in 2009 by a person or entity called Satoshi Nakamoto.

Bitcoin was developed originally as a new form of currency based on the ‘breaches of trust’ that the people has experienced over the years based on the monetary policy of central banks and government.

It is a totally independent, decentralized, unregulated, open source system, that is managed by an array of computers globally who sole task is to solve difficult mathematical problems. Once the Complex problem is solved, then Bitcoin is produced and added to the currency supply. There is a limited amount of bitcoin that can ever be produced, which at today’s date,the estimated date for all bitcoin to be mined is around another one hundred years.

Once Bitcoin established itself as a force to be reckoned with in 2017 when the price of 1 Bitcoin hit £20,000; at that point it was not just the early adopters of Bitcoin that was happy (and Rich) but the rest of the world started to wake up.

The advantages of Bitcoin in a nut shell are as follows:

  • It’s a Peer to Peer technology with no ‘middle’ man or central system to intervene
  • Because the is a limit to how much bitcoin can be produced (or mined) then it can not undergo or experience inflation, unlike all the other Fiat Currency systems that currently exist.
  • Due to the Cryptography and mathematical nature of the bitcoin and the data it secures (via the block chain) it is virtually un-hackable.
  • Transactions are unilateral, in other words transactions can not be reversed.
  • Every transactions is available to be viewed publicly via a public ledger
  • There is no double spending

Bitcoin is a lot more that just a cryptocurrency, Bitcoin also introduced the Blockchain technology which is the hot topic right now for a lot of reasons.

There are a lot of benefits and advantages to bitcoin, as well as a few negatives. Because most of society are used to regulation and being ‘looked after’ or having assurance in someone else ‘saving the day’ it is quite hard for individuals to grasp the responsibility required to use such technology.

Just like physical money, if you lose it, it is gone! So a high level of maturity and security is required in order to enjoy and reap the benefits of this technology and digital currency

Interested In The Home Business/ Affiliate Partner Opportunity and have questions…

What Support Do I Get As An Affiliate (I have Never Done A Home Business Before)?

There is a lot of support within the Karatbars back office and it’s an excellent to spend time in the back office to familiarize yourself of the information inside the dashboard/ information area.

Also, I will be hosting a weekly training and coaching for anyone who wants to learn and utilize online marketing concepts to promote their new Karatbars Affiliate Business Opportunity.

You will also get a FREE video presentation linked directly to you so you can easily share this excellent opportunity with others (Family, friends and colleagues) and they themselves can make an informed choice as to whether Karatbars International is for them or not.

Finally, any support you need in terms of questions etc, then I am always available to help and provide answers, or will seek help from someone else within karatbars who are may have the answer

How Do I Make Money With KaratBars?

firstly, make sure you get registered and set up your free account. Click here to register right now

 Next is to follow the instructions you see in your back office (of your newly registered account) See Below:

karatbars registration and KYC

Remember! It’s free to become an affiliate with Karatbars, all you need to do is complete your KYC (Know Your Customer) documents and away you go. They normally approve pretty quickly, within a few minutes. Be sure to keep all your documents conclusive i.e.

  1. Make sure the documents you submit are dated within 3 months of the registration date
  2. IMPERATIVE!!!! Make sure all names are exactly the same as the name you registered your account with e.g. If you registered as Mr Oscar Wilkson Jacob then make sure your documents (passport/ ID/ Drivers License) say the exact same name as the one you used to register with.

You can only proceed with Step 1 once you have submitted your KYC documents and have been approved.

It is highly beneficially in your favor to register for a profit package so you may be able to earn even  more for doing the exact same thing you are doing as a ‘Free’ affiliate. Owning a profit Package (and/ or a business Package) will open the door to benefiting from the Dual Payment System,. It’s not mandatory but it is financially beneficial. if you are able to purchase at the VIP level straight away, then you position yourself for the highest commission payout indefinitely. There are no recurring payments or anything like that.

If you require any assistance at any stage, be sure to send a message via support or click the headphones icon below right. You may even send me a text or WhatsApp message using +447914159472.

Once you are up and running, it’s all about sharing this with as many people you can. I will organise a dedicated page with the presentation and your dedicated link so you can send this to people.  If you require more specific affiliate training especially using online marketing, then please do let me know and I will support you.

Can I Only Speak To People In My Country?

You may speak to anyone!

Money is applicable to all. Currently, Karatbars is available in 140 Countries around the world.

Do I Have To learn About Gold and all of the Products Before I get Started?

Have you heard of analysis – paralysis. Normally too much information leads to no action or activity at all.

You will have excellent support to enable you to get started and hit the ground running straight away.

All one needs for success in any business, is a great attitude, be open and teachable to learn new skills and to trust your mentor if you decide to utilize one.

With action, your knowledge will increase regardless. So the focus is on execution and action this will lead to success, quick success, within Karatbars.

Is Karatbars and MLM Company?

Karatbars is NOT an MLM or Multi-level marketing company. Karatbars chooses to utilize a business model known as affiliate marketing. They pay a direct commission (10% Direct Commission) plus various bonuses to affiliates who bring them customers and sales.

Affiliate marketing is a very common, safe and lucrative way to grow a business and does not really on distributors or owners of a company to produce sales.  Click here to learn more about affiliate marketing and how to be successful at it.

To clarify

  1. There is no upfront fee required to be an affiliate and sell Karatbars’ products. In MLM, typically there is an initial investment required to get started as a ‘distributor’
  2. There is no requirement to buy stock (Gold) upfront – also known as auto-ship in bulk as an affiliate. All orders are taken via the Karatbars International Website and control of sale remains with Karatbars. All you get is a dedicated affiliate link to attribute all sales made to you where required. Karat bars will not penalize you if you decide to suddenly stop saving in Gold, you will only be penalizing yourself.
  3. You earn based on your OWN efforts,

One thing that really impressed me about Karatbars is the number of opportunities there are nine ways to earn as an affiliate. The compensation scheme includes direct commissions from product sales, the accumulation of points for direct customers who buy certain products from you. These points allow you to earn from the Dual Layer system and is paid out based on initial status from 10 Euro per cycle to 80 Euro per cycle.

There’s also the uni-level commissions and many other forms of payouts which is available to the council

So it’s easy to see why one would think Karatbars is an MLM scheme, but if you understand Unilevel and binary payment/ commission systems, then it’s possible to see why karatbars can be construed as an MLM company.

Is Karatbars a Scam?

No! Please see my review of Karatbars for a full explanation. Click here to access the review

Why Must I Purchase A Marketing Package? 

The Marketing Package is available only for those who want to become Affiliates of Karatbars and intend to position themselves for maximum commissions (remember you do not have to buy anything to become an affiliate)

The Markaeting Package is also beneficial if you want to get a foothold into the future of Blockchain Technology and Crypto-currency. At the time of writing this article, the Profit Package gives any affiliate the opportunity to own some real gold, participate in the Affiliate Scheme (The Dual layer Bonus) and get a Bonus tranche of KCB Tokens plus addition bonus KCB (if you buy before July 2019)

The Value of the product far exceeds the price you pay!

If you are focused on earning additional income this year and want to position yourself to participate in the Future (Blockchain Technology) then go ahead and get started right now, click the link below:


Remember! The above article and any of the content within this website shall not be construed to be legal or investment advice. Past results is no guarantee of future results

Are You Already an Affiliate Parter with Karatbars?

Where Do I Access Any Training Material?

As soon as you join up as an affiliate, send me an email (admin@fiatfor.gold) and I will send you the details to access the training