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My name is Richard Ansah and I am super passionate about Education, specifically teaching Financial Literacy to ANYONE who wants to learn.

This blog is very dear to my heart for a number of reasons (which I shall reveal), and It also serves as an URGENT call to action and wake up call for all families and individuals who care about their future and the financial future of their loved ones.

I believe there are a lot of benefits to becoming financially literate including knowing how to make the right decisions, not relying exclusively on other ‘experts’ hence reducing the chance of being ripped off and ill advised about money, wealth and pertinent financial matters.  Also, getting this specific type of financial education will eliminate ignorance and excuses.

Obviously the term ‘financial’ literacy or financial education is a massive subject in and of itself.

The urgency that I am focused on in this website/ blog is specific to your money and your wealth, namely, the best way to protect it and keep it in your pocket and how to understand exactly what is going on economically that you should be very concerned but also savvy enough to be 10 steps ahead of those who believe that nothing will ever happen to them.

The writing is truly on the wall right now or as one of my mentors has phrased it (Roger Hamilton) ‘Winter is Coming’.

Lack of Knowledge and Awareness

Personally, I have been quite surprised by the lack of awareness regarding the control and management of money by the treasury and central banks.

I feel like I am the only one who is scratching their head wondering why twenty quid (£20) is unable to buy me the sames things it use to 6 months ago or even a year ago.

I am wondering is it only me that is wondering what would happen if interest rates would go back to 5% or higher and how that would affect the way people are spending their money?

Is it only me that is fed up of seeing loads of cranes and building work literally every where I lay my eyes – I once read that people should be extremely worried if the sky is filled with cranes (will explain more later)?

Was it only me that got knocked sideways in 2008 during the credit crunch/ recession? Didn’t anyone else feel the negative effect of the money supply slowing down, and the effect it had on people.

Financial Ignorance is Expensive

financial literacy

I was a mortgage broker, a damn good one who made good money, employed staff, and looking to expand into a thriving business.

Between myself and my wife, we owned 28 properties.

I have two and a half degrees in Engineering at Masters and PhD Level

I considered myself an expert in providing mortgage services to my clients, I was a broker who understood what it meant to invest in property, I walked the walk or so I thought.

If I knew then what I know now, I would have been selling those properties like hotcakes not buying them so rapidly!

Beyond losing most of the houses, I even experienced what is was like to be bankrupt!

I experienced what it was like to have your car removed and re-possessed in front of your eyes (and all the neighbors) – even now my children still ask me – ‘daddy, what happened to mummy’s BMW?’

Then I learnt what was REALLY going on. I understood that a game was being played and I had not been taught the rules ( I wasn’t even aware a game was even being played)

Ultimately, I made a lot of mistakes, and I did not have anyone showing me the way to do things properly. Why? because of a lack of basic financial literacy… I didn’t say lack of education… I had plenty of that but I didn’t have any financial smarts.

I was only interested in making the money, I didn’t understand that there were a lot more skills to learn to become wealthy!

The ultimate ignorance is the rejection of something you know nothing about and
refuse to investigate. – Dr. Wayne Dyer

I didn’t even realize that wealth is not what you make it’s what you keep!

Do you want to be wealthy? Do you want to make an impact in your community? In your family?

I am guessing you do if you are reading this.

So my next question is how many books, or people are actually talking about the ways and means to preserve wealth?

And getting even deeper… has it really been in your frame of reference to understand the secret to wealth – the ability to protect and pass on your wealth?

Wealth Is Not Created or Destroyed – It is Transferred!

If you have ever had a chance to investigate and study about monetary policy, money and currency in general, you would know that every nation or civilization over time (6000 years) has been destroyed primarily due to the debasing of it’s currency.


You will hear the rich say, that saving is a waste of time, it’s important to keep your money moving, as that is the job of currency, to keep moving!

Most people do not even have money to save, they just live literally from hand to mouth, with more month left than money.

The last financial crash in the UK and US, with people either handing back the keys to their home or being physically removed from their homes, denotes a significant transfer of wealth that has been stolen!

I am not mincing my words, if you really understand how banks create credit (it’s not printed out of fine air as you have been told) then you would realize there has been a theft of the grandest scale!

And even if banks printed money out of thin air, why and how do they get the right to take your homes and your property?

So it’s Unjust enrichment on the grandest scale, and it’s all YOUR fault.

Yes, you read that right, your ignorance is YOUR fault. Just as my ignorance was my own fault.

We must make it a priority to learn from history not react negatively to problems.

Your Ignorance is YOUR own fault!

I trust I now have your attention!

Don’t confuse your opinion with the truth. – W. Erhart

So why should you be making it your priority to be reading and following this Blog?

I am going to be exhaustively sharing knowledge and experience about how to Protect Your Wealth.

Ultimately, as you can see from the title of this blog, by understanding the Power of getting rid of your Fiat Currency and Exchanging it for something of value, i.e. GOLD

But, before I even go there… majority of people do not even understand the power and significance of Gold, so guess what I will be discussing and teaching?

  • Basic economics?
  • Advanced economics and monetary policy?
  • What exactly is Fiat Currency or Fiat Money?
  • What is the difference between money and currency?
  • What is the relevance of the Gold Standard?
  • What is the relevance of Bitcoin?
  • Has the Bitcoin boat sailed yet?
  • What is the next big thing you should be looking into?
  • How to tell the ‘sign of the times?
  • What’s inflation?
  • What’s deflation?
  • What’s Hyper-Inflation?
  • Where should you be putting your money?
  • If you don’t have any money, how do you get some to start positioning yourself for wealth?
  • Do you need a good credit file to be wealthy?
  • Why is privacy important for your wealth?

And much, much, more.

I will also be showing you how to get involved to get started in the journey of protecting yourself financially, so it’s not just head knowledge but practical skills also.

So buckle your seat belt and get ready to enjoy the ride.

To get started I encourage you to check out the ‘Start Here‘ page first.

You will hear me talk a lot about a company called Karatbars International. They will be instrumental for providing the practical help needed to protect your current and future wealth

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